Golden News July 2016

B-T-S Promotional Period Reminder

Remember that advertising can be extended to 40% off everyday for all three brands (GOLDEN Acrylics, Williamsburg Oils and QoR Watercolor) beginning on 07/25/16 and expiring on 09/30/16.


GOLDEN Acrylic Demo in a Box – Available Now!

Demo Kit

Golden Demo Kit

For those of you who attended the recent Dealer Workshop, a preview of this was introduced at the event. For everyone else, we’re excited to introduce the new GOLDEN Acrylic Demo in a Box – a toolkit to drive sales and educate store staff about acrylic colors, gels, grounds, pastes, mediums and techniques! It’s also useful for increasing store traffic by offering in-store demonstrations. With this tool, you can demonstrate the following:

  • Difference in properties between GOLDEN color lines
  • Differences between all the “white stuff” – Mediums, Gels and Pastes
  • How to use Gels, Pastes and Mediums as extender and for building texture
  • How to use Gels and Pastes as Grounds
  • Staining techniques using High Flow and Fluid Acrylics on canvas and Acrylic Grounds
  • How to use OPEN Acrylics for Subtractive and Monoprinting techniques

Item # GD0000096-0 (Acrylic Demo in a Box)

2016 Support Value: $29.50

If you’re interested, don’t let the Support Price stop you. Contact either your MacPherson’s or GOLDEN Sales Representative to order yours today.

What Are Artists Discovering About QoR Watercolor?

Artists are eager to share their experiences in email and on social media about their use of QoR Watercolor. Take a look and see how you might share their stories with your own customers. Maybe there’s a technique, color or idea that sparks their interest, increasing traffic in your store!

  1. June 20, 2016 on Instagram in reference to the QoR 24 unboxing video.

Alex Johnmeyer:

For all the watercolor artists in my life: These are the best I’ve ever used. Like butter. So rich and vivid. Do it.

  1. June 1, 2016 on YouTube

Jessica Sporn Designs:

I’m testing out the new QoR Watercolor Paints from Golden. I love them! 

  1. July 18, 2016 via Email to one of our Material & Application Specialists

Kathy Lindsley:

I received the Permanent Green Light; a strong accent color and it makes some lovely mixtures. I’m also enjoying the sample cards and have identified several QoR colors I intend to add to my regular palette. Your Burnt Sienna Natural is outstanding; for sure that will become my standard — and among my most-used colors.

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