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Strathmore has recently introduced a new category of videos called “artist features”. In these videos, artists give an inside look into their studio, creative processes, techniques, and what inspires them each day. Additionally, they also speak a bit about why they choose to work on Strathmore surfaces, and showcase some of their works of art.

The first artist featured in this video series is Graham Smith, who created a video entitled “Confessions of a Paper Junkie”. In this video, Graham takes viewers inside of his art studio and speaks about his creative process, and how he likes to draw using Strathmore sketchbooks. Graham is a professional Illustrator, and has spent many years teaching life drawing classes.


Graham Smith's Art

Graham Smith’s Art

Engaging content such as this can be a great piece to share via your social media sites, to run in your stores on a monitor, or just to get inspired on how artists utilize products in their daily processes. If you’re interested in watching or sharing Graham’s video, please do so at:


Please watch Strathmore’s social media channels for more Artist Feature videos to arrive in 2016!

In addition to helping contribute to their new Artist Feature video series, Strathmore also is featuring artist Graham Smith in their Fall Artist Newsletter. Each quarter, Strathmore publishes a free digital newsletter featuring an artist that they’ve partnered with. This quarter, Graham’s topic is TOP 10 LIFE DRAWING MISTAKES, where he offers solid advice for creating life drawings. He’s listed the top mistakes he sees beginners making along the way, and a great deal of tips for correcting them. If you’re interested in learning more about Graham, check out his website at: Graham Smith Illustration

Each Strathmore Newsletter also showcases information on new products, and other news and events happening at the company. They also answer consumer questions submitted on their website. See the list and tips in the Artist Newsletter: Strathmore Newsletter

If you aren’t subscribed to the Artist Newsletter, please sign up to subscribe so that you never miss an issue: Strathmore Newsletter

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