Gamblin 1980 Oils – Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Sketching Oils Display

Gamblin 1980

Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors enable retailers to offer a better student grade paint, made here in America, from a brand you can believe in. This 48-color range replaces Gamblin’s line of Art Sketching Oils. If you currently carry Gamblin’s Art Sketching Oils, now is the time to upgrade. And the good news is that Gamblin and MacPherson’s are making it easy for you.

Gamblin is offering a $150 credit to existing Art Sketching Oils retail partners, in addition to a normal placement discount. The credit is intended to help you blow-out your Art Sketching Oils and enable you to start fresh with an updated rack, new product and color charts before Fall Back-to-School.

To upgrade, simply order assortment GB1980 convert. This assortment gets you the full range of Gamblin 1980 Oils in 37ml (3 of each color) and a 24-color range in 150ml (2 of each color). This assortment has a list price of $2,144 and, during F all BTS, a net price from MacPherson’s of $573.88 net – after all discounts that’s 73% off the list price! Act now, this special upgrade program is only available until the end of the year. If you have any questions, please contact your MacPherson’s Account Manager or Kaitlin, Shannon or Pete at Gamblin at 503-235-1945.

Gamblin 1980 37ml display

For your painters and professors, the upgrade to Gamblin 1980 is even easier. Color names, formulations and item numbers from the Art Sketching Oil range are carried forward into Gamblin 1980 without any change. A single color, Napthol Scarlet, is being dropped and 19 great new colors have been added.

More information on Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors

An introduction from Robert Gamblin:

Since our founding, I have wanted artists to be able to paint freely. To use color and texture without hesitation or reservation.

To do this, painters need colors that are true. True to the pigment. True to historic working properties. True to the emotion of each color. Colors that feel right, that respond under the brush and that age right on the canvas.

As a young painter, I remember standing in an art supply store with a basket full of paints wondering what I would have to forgo, and what I would have to create, in order to keep painting.

When I founded Gamblin in my garage in 1980, I had just enough money for a small mill and some white pigments. For over a year, I made only white. During this time, I resolved to build a colorhouse completely dedicated to oil painters.

We would make materials not just as they had been, but as they ought to be. We would help painters to find their flow in painting and to paint freely.

Our Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors are handcrafted with our beginnings and that same dedication in mind.

Paint freely.


Gamblin Art Sketching Oils are very competitively priced in both 37ml and 150ml sizes. For nickels and dimes more than the cheapest paints, artists can get true colors, made here in America, from a brand they believe in.

  • Series 1:  $5.95 in 37ml,  $14.95 in 150ml
  • Series 2:  $7.95 in 37ml, $17.95 in 150ml
  • Series 3:  $9.95 in 37ml, $29.95 in 150ml


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